I´m walking...
My name is Guido Schoepker, I live in Berlin/Germany
and i am always looking for a new motive, for new perspectives And for the final Shot...

Have a look at my work and enjoy!
"Projects" mirrors an impression of mostly events, where lots of pictures has been taken -
where some single shots would not satisfy the requirements.
Mostly sportive contests, competitions or races are such a kind. I like this kind of, how I call it,
"dynamic photography" very much and as often as I can, I go and attend these events.

In "Photo" you will see different shots of Animals, Architecture, People, Landscape and various others. All of them been taken at different locations during the last 8 years as an overview of my photowork and all of them, have been taken to be remembered as a special moment in time. Enjoy it!
In the "Video"-section you will see my first steps in moving pictures. Beside of the mirrorless cameras from Sony I often use my Osmo pocket or Osmo action from DJI and even sometimes the Mavic Mini-Drone as an additional tool.
Filming Movies is so much different than shooting pictures but with the knowledge and the experience out of the photo environment, it makes life much easier.
Have a look into this section and tell me what you think about my first trials!

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