Who is Guido Schoepker and how did he get into photography….?
I was asked this question some time ago, and Herewith  I'll try to define it.
Let's start with the second part of the question:

"... how did he get into photography ...?"

Actually, my former boss is to blame for the fact that I got into photography so excessively.
About 10 years ago, we both “snapped” a compact camera and certainly took photos that were acceptable for the circumstances at the time. At a Christmas party of our Austrian subsidiary in Vienna, he now appeared with a new camera and the words:
"Look, Mr. Schöpker, I have a new camera, it is sooooo incredibly fast!"

Well, of course we were willing to try it out.....

So we sat down parallel to the counter, looked through the viewfinder with the aim of focusing on the waitress, who was walking through the imaginary image, one after the other, and getting her in our shot exactly in the middle of the picture.

Said and done…. We probably took about 10 photos in five minutes. The camera got heavier and heavier in front of the face and the result was...: My boss managed once(!) to show up the Dress-loop from the back of the waitress!
That got me thinking ... Ablout technics, about velocity, about perspective and a lot of things more in the photo Field.

And so my interest in digital photography worked out in the form of a digital SLR camera, or meanwhile the mirrorless system camera DLSM.

Now let's get back to the first part of the question:

"Who is actually Guido Schoepker ..."

Photography is extremely exciting and interesting.
In many ways, it offers the possibility to change perspectives, to express one's own creativity and to create moods -
and to capture the whole thing in a single moment!
There are many different directions in photography and yet each one has its own special requirements and requires different and yet meticulous preparation.

The finished picture is the goal, so I have to be clear about the preparation, the scouting, the equipment, the technical solution, the painting with light, the right moment, the right place and so many things more...

Before you press the shutter release, you usually have the finished image in your head, the goal in front of your eyes, even if it almost always has to be post-processed afterwards. But that is "the freestyle", the completion of the original vision.

In other words, it is a mass of consecutive or parallel processes - always a new challenge for Humans and technology!

Technology, technical equipment ... that is also very fascinating. Since I have high quality standards, it goes without saying that I have to draw on an extensive repertoire of equipment. The DSLR is no longer up to date.
It has seen its heyday, the DSLM offers design and quality advantages that we didn't even thought of just five years ago.

For this reason, I swithed from Canon DSLR to Sony DSLM with my complete system and haven't regretted it to this day, on the contrary ....

Just as little as I regretted moving to Berlin about 3 years ago. Fortunately, I found my love here and since then we have almost always been "on tour" together, cause I was also able to infect her with the photography virus.

Generally spoken:

It's always more fun in a team and it also has a much greater learning effect!

So if you are busy investing more time in photography, do it like me:

Go to photo round tables in your area, go to workshops, on photo trips with photo trainers and get to know like-minded people! There are countless opportunities to build up a network everywhere and believe me:
There are always plenty of discussion topics and it is always a wonderful balance to the daily work ...

I hope I was able to bring you my person and my passion a little closer, because:


and if you want to leave me a Message, take the chance and fill out the contact form
Thank you!
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